Talking Walls


Art direction

Fathead makes superior vinyl wall decals. They have many benefits that separate them from their competitors that are not immediately obvious since they are an online-only item. When they asked us to come up with a campaign that grabbed attention, while highlighting their benefits, we gave them a campaign that's pretty hard to miss.



Early on in our exploration, we learned that one of the major benefits of Fathead wall decals is that they are super easy to put up, and (more importantly) come down really easy without ripping up your wall. Since the main audience buying the wall graphics are parents buying graphics to put in their child's room, this is a huge selling point to know that it will not damage the wall. We decided to take this to the extreme and call on the walls themselves to be the spokespeople for Fathead in a zany concept personifying individual walls in your house.

Campaign Social Extensions

After creating our initial :30 spot which ran on traditional TV, as well as digital TV platforms and social, we extended the campaign for Digital TV and social with short :15 ads. These ads highlighted many of the deals Fatheads runs.