Simply Give



We were tasked with redesigning Meijer's charitable giving program, Simply Give. Our goal was to promote the sale of $10 food donation cards to current Meijer shoppers.

Donation Cards

Each donation card features a person directly involved in the food pantries that Meijer locally supports. These participants backgrounds vary to highlight how many different ways there are to get involved, and how many lives these local food banks touch. The donation card features a direct quote from the interviewed participant on the front, as well as a short bio on the back.

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in-store advertising

There are two main problems with grocery stores: (1) they are visually diverse with countless items calling for your attention, and (2) Every inch of the store is up-for-grabs for advertising from paying clients. Our objective was to create a visual identity that stood out in this deluge if products, while occupying non-traditional marketing spaces in-store.

We started by staking out multiple Meijer locations and observing traffic flow, human behaviors and mindsets while shopping. We also took photos of every un-used space we could find in the store in order to recommend the most logical spaces for advertising.

The biggest learning we encountered was this key fact: When you are in the store your mindset is focused on shopping, not charitable giving. There is, however, one spot where the bulk majority of customers are bound to stop and look around idly as they wait: the checkout lane. With this in mind we designed two high-impact displays for the checkout lanes, one that occupies the space above the top row of the gift card rack to the customers right, and one that neatly sits atop the magazine rack to their left.

Triangle Checkout Lane display with simple, relatable messaging. The display replaced an earlier floor stand Meijer had been using just outside their checkout lanes that obstructed guest’s paths and vision, as well as obscured other products.

Gift Card Display. Occupies a space above the gift cards, which are a popular last-minute buying decision.


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