Our Big World



A series of 5 board games commissioned for Chick-fil-A's kid's meal program. Project objective was to create games that are as educational and enriching as they are fun to play! Set includes: USA on the Road, All Over Europe, Animals of Africa, Awesome Australia and South America Stroll!


South American Stroll

USA on the road

Animals of Africa

Awesome Australia

All Over Europe

Build the World Map Game

If a child collected all five kid's meal toys, they could then connect all 5 maps to play the “Build the World Map Game”. This provided a lasting value and interest in securing all the maps – plus it extended the play time by providing a massive board to traverse.

Game Piece Detail

Each game board was accompanied by a spinner that allowed a player to move one, two or three spaces. Additionally, each game board came with four character tokens to choose as your game piece. The characters represented embody traditional styles that each continent represented are known for.