BrideVue is a visualization tool and planning aid for brides and wedding planners. It is also an innovative and exciting marketing platform for vendors never before seen in the event industry.


The interface was designed to function, yet have an elegant aesthetic to please a predominantly female target audience. Soft color is used sparingly, spread out over semi-translucent whites. Iconography and text are rendered as a light, inviting grey.

Elegant and Efficient – Created to inspire and empower brides to make their dream wedding a reality.


The main palette was designed to be hidden/revealed by tapping the screen. All palette elements are populated around the edge of the screen to maximize the user’s workspace.


Innovative and Inspiring – A variety of fantasy or real-world rooms to chose from, including some of America's best rated venues.

Partnerships with real-world venues allows for Brides, and Wedding planners to set up their receptions exactly as it will appear on their wedding day – from table layouts, to centerpieces, and everything in-between. 


Brides also have the ability to seek out vendors that supply the actual products chosen inside their reception design. The process is quick and easy as they can get in-touch directly from the BrideVue app. We even designed a gold icon crest to represent quality vendors "Hand selected" by the BrideVue team.